Art teaching

Since graduating Bezalel in the year 2000, I have been teaching art.
I was an art guide and teacher in the Israel Museum, Jerusalem, and in the Herzliya Museum of Contemporary Art. I also taught art in the Jewish school in Newton, near Boston. During the years 2007-2015 I had been teaching painting to adults in my studio.
I learned how to teach painting from two great teachers I had – Dedi Ben Shaul in Bezalel, and Barbara Baum in Cambridge, Massachusetts.
My approach to teaching art is first of all – that everyone can paint and draw, since there is no right and wrong. Secondly, I think a good dialogue between the teacher and the student is essential for the enrichment and development of the student’s skills. Thirdly, a good teacher has the ability to strengthen the student’s confidence.

Please click here to view students’ works. These are paintings and drawings of my students in Rishpon, some of them were my students for 8 years.